Travelling With Grief

The last few years have been challenging, and after leaving a toxic relationship I had been slowly rediscovering myself and travel was a big part of that journey. I had

affording travel - travel puffin

Affording Travel

It’s funny how many people assume I must have come into some unexpected money when they see me travelling. People that don’t speak to me on a day to day

The Italian Bus System!

I spent some time in Italy recently, around Sorrento and the Amalfi coast area. For the most part I walked around, but when I wanted to go further afield I

The Beautiful Island of Ischia

Ischia (pronounced ISK-ee-a) is a beautiful island in the Gulf of Naples. Known for its thermal springs and close to the island of Procida (PRO-shi-da), Ischia came to be on

Naples Ferry Port Airport Bus

The easiest way to get from Naples ferry port to the airport is to take the Alibus. If you can find it, and that is what this post is for.

Stockholm In Two Nights

Last time I saw Bon Jovi I was 18. So when I saw they were touring again I decided I would go. Wanting to see them somewhere I had never

Emergency Numbers

Here is a list of useful numbers to know when abroad. All designed to be stored on your phone. Below the numbers are some phrases that could prove useful also

Gifts For Travellers

Wondering what to buy for the travel lover? Or are you a traveller looking to treat yourself!? This is a list of items that are great ideas for travelling and