Following Your Dreams

For most of us life is not a fairytale. Unless you are born into a rich family then you will probably have to work very hard to make your dreams

Seville In Four Days

Living in Spain I have a wealth of beautiful areas to explore at my fingertips, but spend all my time yearning for longer distance travels. However when time is short

manhattan skyline

Things To Do In New York

Things To Do In New York – Quick Tips Part 2 This is part two of my quick tips for New York, after friends of mine asked for some advice.

Quick Tips For New York

New York – Quick Tips Part 1 I was recently asked by a friend of mine for some tips for going to New York. I went last year and now

Top Things To Do in 2020

My list is better than theirs (I think) I woke up to an email from TripAdvisor with the subject “2020’s top things to do worldwide”. Excellent I thought, sitting down

travel annoyances and pet peeves

10 Travel Annoyances

10 Travel Annoyances & Pet Peeves Travelling is fun. Of course it is, that’s why we do it. But as with anything there will be things that occasionally get up

christmas market FI travel puffin

German Christmas Markets

When you are trying to get away from Christmas and do something completely different where should you go? Christmas markets in Germany of course! Yes I admit, the logic fell

Google is tracking you!

I received an email recently from Google kindly telling me where I had been in 2019. My initial thought was, thanks Google, but I kind of know where I have