The easiest way to get from Naples ferry port to the airport is to take the Alibus. If you can find it, and that is what this post is for.

I was visiting Ischia and on my return would be taking the bus from the ferry port to the airport. The main ferry port in Naples is called Molo Beverello and it is also where the cruise ships dock.

There is another ferry port in Naples at Pozzouli, so don’t get the two confused. Molo Beverello is just a few steps outside the city centre and as you look out from Molo Beverello you can see Naples castle (Castel Nuovo) over the road.

Having some time to kill before the Ischia ferry I looked around for the airport bus stop so I would know where to head to when I came back.  It isn’t well sign posted, or if it is, I didn’t see any signs. There was a lot of building work going on when I was there so maybe this didn’t help. Eventually after some walking around I spotted it in a far corner, right over by the cruise ships.

Feeling very organised and smug I took a photo so that I would remember where it was on my return. On my return four days later I went and waited in the spot I thought the bus went from, I could see the tour buses here so it was clearly the bus stop.

I waited about 30 minutes before thinking I must be in the wrong place because airport buses run every 20 minutes. After walking round and round and asking in the information office (“it’s over there behind the big building” – not helpful), I still couldn’t find the airport bus stop!

I was getting really annoyed by now as I had taken the early ferry precisely to give me enough time to get to the airport without being the usual last minute Minny that I am. So after checking Google maps I decided to leave the ferry port to try and catch the bus from a stop in town instead. When I got to the point on the map, there was no stop and the man selling bus tickets in the newsagents told me the stop was in the ferry port! Increasingly frustrated I headed back to the ferry port on a different road, only to meet an airport bus on the way out!

Feeling seriously pissed off now, I kept going in the direction I had just seen the bus come from and thankfully spotted the airport bus sign in the distance. The stop was right next to the huge cruise ship, and it was right then that I remembered I had taken a photo to remind me of this, four days ago. I knew my memory was bad, but seriously!

So to save any bother, here is a picture of the Alibus bus stop, right next to the huge boat – you really cannot miss it!

Alibus goes from here!
Go past the tour buses right over to the cruise ship

You can buy a ticket at this stop from your phone, or buy on the bus (or one of the many retailers throughout the town). The ticket was €5. The bus makes one stop before the airport – outside the train station, so you could also catch it from here.