What to do in London?

If you are in London and love cheese then I have the most perfect place for you to go and visit. If you are not in London and love cheese then I have the most perfect reason for you to go and visit.

First of all, tell me, who doesn’t love cheese? I tell you, cheese is the one thing that has been making my journey to full time vegan really really hard. I have just about got eggs out of my system and cow’s milk – who needs that with all the delicious alternatives? But cheese, this is my big downfall I am afraid, although I eat a lot less than I used to. Could I resist a visit to the floating cheese barge when I am next in London? I couldn’t say for sure that I could.

the cheese barge cover - travel puffin

Yes, you heard right. A floating cheese barge restaurant. A floating cheese heaven if you will. You can send your thanks and blessings to Matthew Carver, the brains behind this latest cheese fest of his, and he is known for a few. Matthew is the guy behind The Cheese Bar in Camden market and Pick & Cheese – a revolving conveyor belt of cheese at the Seven Dials market. It’s fair to say Matthew probably likes cheese, and it is fair to say that if you don’t like cheese I have probably lost you by now, but if you do like a cheese fest then read on!

The floating cheese barge to be named, aptly, The Cheese Barge, is due to dock in London’s Grand Union Canal in Paddington, in April 2020. At the moment it is being built in a top secret facility in Somerset! The double decker barge will consist of a seated dining area downstairs while the upper deck will be the perfect place to enjoy the fine weather (when it happens) and some al fresco cheese with a glass of wine. Cheese and wine – a pairing surely born in heaven.

Gouda load of this!

If you need your appetite whetting then here are some of the cheese based delights you can expect to devour: Cropwell Bishop Stilton devils on horseback, St. Andrews Cheddar with green kimchi, Winslade with chilli dukkah, homemade sausage with Young Buck blue cheese, and how about these little beauties…

Curried cheddar curds, tossed in chili infused honey

the cheese barge cheddar bites - travel puffin

Those with a sweet tooth (that’s me!) are not going to be left out either so make sure you save some room for the Yorkshire curd tart with malted milk chocolate cremeux. 

You can keep up to date and see when reservations open on the official website. If you are lucky enough to go to The Cheese Barge do come back here and let me know what you ate and what it was like! It will definitely be on my list next time I am in London.

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