Wondering what to buy for the travel lover? Or are you a traveller looking to treat yourself!?

This is a list of items that are great ideas for travelling and can also be used at home. I wouldn’t mind receiving any of these. Some of them are practical, some are just fun. It can be hard to know what to get someone who likes roaming the world so hopefully this will help to give you some ideas. If you have any other suggestions please do comment!

Packing Cubes

One of the biggest struggles when travelling is packing. How much to pack, how to keep organised. None of us want to be rummaging around in a bag looking for that one item that is always at the bottom. Packing cubes help you keep organised and make finding items a breeze. Pack underwear in one. Roll up dresses in another. People swear these help you fit more but I think they just help you keep items neat and tidy. The secret to packing more is to pack smart. Packing cubes definitely help with this.

Gifts for travellers - packing cubes - Travel Puffin

Travel Water Bottles

With everyone being aware of the damage one use plastic is doing on the environment, these bottles are a simple way to contribute to cutting down on its use. Refillable, they are especially useful in areas where the water quality may be low because some of them come with built in filters. Most places will refill these bottles for free, or they should do anyway if they care about the planet! Not only for use on trips, use them at home too. Find one with a clip so it can be attached to bags or rucksacks.

Gifts for travellers - water bottle - Travel Puffin

Travel Notebooks

Travelling takes a lot of preparation and research, especially longer term trips. Notebooks can help with organising the schedule, keeping notes of important details and phone numbers and provide a place to make notes along the way or place special memories. They look cute and along with a nice pen make a lovely gift. It is so nice to put pen to paper sometimes when so much time is spent on our phones and tablets these days. It also helps to save phone battery if you are not relying on them for everything!

Gifts for travellers - notebook - Travel Puffin
Gifts for travellers - notebook - Travel Puffin

Shampoo & Conditioner Bars

I HATE lugging around plastic (ergh) bottles of shampoo, conditioner.and body wash. I have the travel size bottles but it is always a pain when I’ve forgotten to label them and when it comes to the next trip I can’t remember what is in each bottle so I have to wash them out and start again! Plus how much is enough if you are going away for more than a few weeks? Shampoo and conditioner bars are the next best thing to use – no plastic involved and you can cut off chunks as you go. Wrap them up in greaseproof paper, a freezer bag or buy an eco friendly container for them. If they suit your hair (some trial and error will be involved) you could ditch the traditional shampoo and conditioner for ever. You can also buy bars of body wash and deodorant as well.

Gifts for travellers - body bar - Travel Puffin

Power Banks

Make sure your friend or family member can always stay in touch, or take photos by giving them a reliable power bank. I bought a cheap power bank once and it doesn’t work very well anymore and I cannot rely on it to keep its charge. So I recommend to spend a few more pennies and buy one that will charge a device several times over. It gives peace of mind when power outlets may be scarce. Some of them may have a display to quickly show the remaining power available.

Gifts for travellers - power bank - Travel Puffin

Travel Adapters

If I had a penny for every time I had bought and lost a travel adapter, I may be able to buy one which I would look after properly. All in one adapters that adapt for worldwide use are a godsend, especially for those that are visiting different regions in one trip. Look for one that has multiple ports so they can charge their phone and tablet at the same time, or for a couple / friends travelling together.

Gifts for travellers - travel adapter - Travel Puffin

Over Trolley Bag

Traversing an airport with hand luggage only can be a logistical nightmare. A bag over your shoulder, pulling a trolley behind you and a coat over your arm, plus your water bottle and that perfume you just had to treat yourself to in duty free. It isn’t much fun. Not to mention having to put your bag down on the dirty floor when you want a rest or are waiting to board the plane. Keep your cabin bag close by and secure with one that is designed to fit over the handles of a trolley case. It frees up a hand and keeps the bag secure too.

Gifts for travellers - over trolley bag - Travel Puffin

Crossbody bag

I have always travelled with a crossbody bag rather than a shoulder bag because of the security. Often when out and about during the day it is all I will take with me. I used to have one too small and after I had put some money in, my phone and squeezed a water bottle in, there was no room for anything else. I have since bought a bigger crossbody bag and it has made so much difference. It has multiple storage compartments and an internal zipped pocket where I can keep some emergency cash or my card. Some bags now have built in anti-theft features too, but above all they should be big enough to be practical for a day out, and have multiple compartments for added security.

Gifts for travellers - crossbody bag - Travel Puffin
Gifts for travellers - travel bag - Travel Puffin

Personal Alarm

Security and safety worries should not rule our trips but we should all take some precautions to avoid running into trouble. You need to check the regulations for each country before travelling with items such as pepper spray as it can be illegal in certain places. However, an alarm like this is allowed anywhere and can clip onto bags or belt loops so it is always at hand. Of course, the best self defence is awareness and common sense, but it doesn’t hurt to have this on hand too – it will emit a high pitched sound which at least should momentarily distract any would be attacker maybe giving a precious extra second to get away.

Gifts for travellers - personal alarm - Travel Puffin

Carry On Cocktail Kits

Having got through the airport, the plane might be the first time to relax and look forward to the adventures that lie ahead. How about a quirky kit for making cocktails onboard?! These kits come in various cocktail options and are a novel idea for the thirsty flyer, and it beats reading the in-flight magazine! Gin and Tonic for me please 🙂

That’s it for now!

There are SO many gifts suitable for travellers – I hope this small list has given you a good head start if you have been stuck for present ideas. As always, I love to hear your suggestions too so pop a comment down or contact me here.